Overview of the 01 protocol

Welcome to 01!

01 is a fully decentralized derivatives protocol. 01 runs on smart contracts built on the Solana blockchain, the most performant, fast, and low cost blockchain.

Why 01?

💫 Everlasting Options | 01 is the first protocol to introduce everlasting options, an asset type that brings the efficiency and power of perpetuals to the options market.
🔭 Decentralized Orderbook | 01 leverages Serum's fully decentralized on-chain orderbook and matching engine to provide the efficiency of centralized exchanges in a fully decentralized environment.
💷 Cross-collateral | Traders and liquidity providers will be able to use a variety of assets (including LP tokens from other protocols) to collateralize their positions, making their capital many-folds more efficient.
⬇️ Low fees | Operations over the Solana network average $0.00025, and the decentralized nature of 01 cuts out the very costly centralized broker middlemen, making every trade more profitable.
⚡️ Instant transactions | Solana enables over 50,000 transactions per second, compared to Ethereum's current 17 transactions per second on layer 1, enabling lightning quick trades and settlements.
🤝 Trustless | As a non-custodian and decentralized protocol, funds and data are never stored, traders maintain custody at all times, transactions are publicly verifiable.

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