Is 01 live?

01 is currently accessible on Devnet. Mainnet is coming soon.

What can I trade on 01?

01 offers everlasting and binary options. Binaries are currently available on Devnet. Everlastings are coming soon to Devnet.

Why Devnet?

We want to make the entire development process public to our community. That starts by showing both the good, bad and ugly. Our hope is that the devnet will be an opportunity for our community to both learn more about derivatives trading, and about 01. There might be bugs, and issues, and we want to hear about them! We're here to build an epic community driven derivatives platform, and that starts with a public devnet! Reach out to us! We're active on Twitter and Discord.

Where do I get Devnet USDC and SOL?

There is a button on the top right when you connect your wallet that reads "Get SOL+USDC", click that for a nice surprise :)

What is the special Devnet community event?

Where can I submit feedback and ideas?

Reach out to us over Twitter, or on Discord! We're always active and love feedback!
Last modified 22d ago